Living with asthma

Asthma at school

It is important for teachers and non-teaching staff to be aware of the possible risks for an asthmatic child and of the potential seriousness of asthma attacks. Details of the child’s medication; information about foods and medicines to which the child may be allergic; and instructions regarding emergency situations should be provided by the child’s doctor.

Asthma and sport at school

The child’s doctor should be asked for advice regarding participation in school sports activities (e.g. appropriate environment and the possible need for preparatory exercises). For some individuals who suffer from asthma, physical exercise may cause exercise-induced asthma attacks or bronchial spasms. However, when correctly treated, asthma does not present a major barrier to physical exercise, but will, in fact, improve overall respiratory function. The school sports teacher should therefore encourage asthmatic children’s participation in sports lessons. Physical exercise should only be ruled out among those with severe and persistent asthma, or during an asthmatic crisis.

Some general rules and precautions should be taken into consideration.

The following should be borne in mind: